My name is Kadidiatou Traore Nignan, but you'll get to know me as Kady.

I've been in the business of wedding and event design for four years, having created Prestige on a whim when the life of the corporate worker no longer spoke to me. Stifled by the repetition of the every day, I sought an out for my creativity.

I entered the event planning industry with a background in finance, specifically a Bachelor's in Finance and an MBA from Thomas Jefferson University  I also put in time at Keller Graduate School of Management and obtained a Master's in Accounting and Financial Management. All of that schooling helped prep me to become a business owner, but it was my passion for wedding and event design that really drove the concept behind Prestige Event Design.

I've always had an eye for the extravagant and the visually appealing. It's something my husband and five-year-old daughter will surely attest to. So, too, would Preston Bailey, the one hand only event-planning guru that I had the distinct pleasure of training under in January 2020.

My time with Preston helped me understand the importance and complexities of a coherent and eye-catching space and how it can affect an event's success. Now, I don't just design to delight and appease my clients. I work hard to create visual memories that even the guests won't soon forget.

The time and effort I put into each event have earned my work a spot in MunaLunchi's Bridal MagazinePhiladelphia Magazine, and Blackbride Magazine. I specialize in turning dream visions into reality, and I look forward to taking control of your next event and elevating it to unexpected heights.

We focus on your goals to exceed your expectations

Prestige Event Design provides wedding and event design to perfectly complement your taste and delight your guests. Our services center on creating the beautiful, the sophisticated, and the luxurious by giving you the extraordinary service you should expect. Expansive or intimate, your event is always a special occasion. Prestige Event Design is your collaborative partner, turning your ideas into a memorable event and exceeding your expectations.

With years of experience, every package is designed to meet your needs based on the size of the event, the venue, and your budget.

Peruse our photo gallery to see examples of our event design work.

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